Energy Management Retrofit and Rebates 


CK Electric Services, Inc. is committed to assisting our customers with increasing the energy efficiency of their home and business. We are working with Puget Sound
Energy to bring you retrofit programs and rebates for upgrading your lighting and advising you on where you can save electricity and reduce your carbon emissions and make our community a greener place to live.
Inefficient lighting wastes money and energy


Learn more on where you can save energy, get rebates and free products by visiting the Puget Sound Energy website.

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Your Electrical Connection 



  • Lighting often accounts for 40 to 70 percent of building energy use.
  • Many small businesses still have inefficient fluorescent in incandescent lighting.
  • Light quality is not as good in older lighting equipment.

How much is your inefficient lighting costing you?

For more information on PSE's rebate program click the link below! 


  • Lower energy use- Reduce costs go right back to your bottom line.
  • Improved light quality- Newer lighting technology improves comfort by reducing flicker and improving color quality.
  • Lower maintenance cost- Qualifying equipment reduces maintenance cost because your lighting system is restored to a like-new condition. It also means that replacement parts are more likely to be available


How it works-

  • We will advise you on where you can save energy and money.
  • We will submit a rebate application form to PSE for you at no charge.
  • You will receive a pre-approval for the project from PSE
  • Receive from $35-225 per fixture for qualifying equipment
  • We will purchase and install qualifying equipment
  • Contact us now to see where you can save!